A short history of this service

Hello, I'm Lovell, the creator of this service.

In early 2013, whilst working at an e-commerce company, a colleague and I realised that the dynamic nature of responsive design would collide with the fixed dimensions of existing pre-rendered images.

This inspired me to start work on sharp, an open-source image resizing module for Node.js using the VIPS image processing library to which I now occasionally contribute.

I've spent much of the last two years learning in detail about image processing concepts, compression technologies and colour theory.

Many organisations around the world have already been able to take advantage of this, including Google, The New York Times, FiftyThree and InVision.

Drawing on some of my recent experience in scaling large websites, I started to build "sharp-as-a-service". I've been lucky to have development teams at a number of organisations assist me during a period of closed beta-testing. Thank you for your help!

To ensure every request is served by the shortest path, this service uses a global network of horizontally-scalable image processing clusters connected with the same DNS technologies that make CDNs possible.

As well as transcoding to the relatively new WebP format, this service also makes recent advances in video compression technology available to the venerable JPEG format.

Image quality can be subjective so it was heartening to discover the use of VIPS by the luxurious "Premier Photography Community" of 500px.

I'm really happy to make all of these technologies available in the service so your customers can experience high quality images in any dimensions delivered as quickly as possible with the smallest possible file size.