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You publish high-resolution images. We resize them on-demand. For the web. Fast.

Enable responsive web design

Remove existing restrictions on image dimensions from your web site.

Trial new image sizes using your preferred multivariate testing tool.

Convert to faster-loading formats like WebP and progressive JPEG on-the-fly.

Test your web site vs GraphicsMagick

Rugby, Daniel Kilioni; resized by dimens.ioRugby, Daniel Kilioni; resized by GraphicsMagick

Same image quality, 10% smaller file size

Predictable monthly pricing

Pay by the number of unique input images processed each month.

No charge for output images. Resize and transcode to as many dimensions and formats as required.

No bandwidth charges.

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Standard vs Art direction crop

Snowboard, Wladyslaw; Standard cropSnowboard, Wladyslaw; Art direction crop

Auto focus when changing aspect ratio

The Image Delivery Network

Works with your existing images, web servers, Amazon S3™ account, CMS or e-commerce platform.

Our globally-distributed image processing clusters take advantage of the latest Intel CPUs backed by fast SSD storage.

The images we serve are optimised using the latest video compression techniques to reduce file size and increase perceived quality.†† vs Wordpress

London Eye, Mike Peel; resized by dimens.ioLondon Eye, Mike Peel; resized by Wordpress 4.1

Same quality setting, sharper results

Automatic art direction

Retain the most interesting part of an image when cropping.

Prevents the need to manually produce images for different aspect ratios.

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30-day uptime

Approved by art galleries

The high quality of our image processing software is trusted worldwide by artists, museums, hospitals and newspapers.

Support for embedded ICC profiles and optional gamma correction ensures the finest colour representation in your images.